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My name is Henry Hecht and I was a professional journalist for 35 years as both a writer and editor. I started Step Write Up to teach students how to become better writers. There certainly is a need for that. But my work for corporations has shown me there is also a need for a skillful editor in both the corporate and small business world.

"Henry made me a better writer as I learned something new every time he edited one of my pieces."

— Erik Boland, Newsday Sportswriter (Read More Testimonials)

"I worked with Henry Hecht for three and a half years at Newsday, and time and again, my stories would emerge as improved products once Henry got through with them."

— Ken Davidoff, Newsday Baseball Columnist (Read More Testimonials)

"He knows the business, he knows how to write, he knows how to make your writing better, and most important, he cares."

— John Boell, New York Journalist (Read More Testimonials)

"Henry Hecht's phone number appearing on your caller ID represents one of the most comforting things that can happen to a writer."

— Chuck Culpepper, Newsday Columnist (Read More Testimonials)

"Henry will show you how to identify your style and give you the organizational tools to make it sing."

— Barbara Barker, Newsday Sportswriter (Read More Testimonials)